Boris Kudlička with Partners is a practice where every new appointment is an opportunity to create an individual story, something that is both extraordinary and unique. Set up in 2018 by a renowned scenographer and designer, Boris Kudlička with Partners already marked its presence. Over the last few years the team has been continuously gaining experience in the fields of luxury commercial and residential interior design, of which the most prominent are Raffles Europejski Warsaw, family offices in Zurich or private villa interiors in Doha. With ongoing architectural and aviation design projects, Boris Kudlička with Partners unceasingly pursues for new challenges and stories that are yet to be told.

Set designer of Slovakian origin. Raised by artists, Boris shared a natural appreciation for an expression of beauty and creativity. After completing his studies in Bratislava and in the Netherlands, he finally settled down in Warsaw. Boris spent many years creating set designs for the biggest and most prominent opera houses in the world. His adventure with architecture began 11 years ago, when he joined WWAA as a partner. In 2018, together with Weronika and Rafał, he decided to establish his own practice – and launched Boris Kudlička with Partners. The team is driven to create spaces that tell stories.

What are his passionate pursuits outside of work? Convertible cars, challenging tennis matches, snow skiing and… gardening.

Boris Kudlička

Founding Partner

Architectural engineer, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. Weronika arrived in Warsaw in 2007 for a 2-month internship, and ended up staying for good. Her professional and personal relationship with Boris started in 2014, when she joined the practice to lead the Hotel Raffles Europejski project.
Weronika sees converting dreams into reality as the main challenge in the design process. She constantly wrestles with the elements of time and unpredictability to bring projects to successful fruition.

Weronika Libiszowska

Founding Partner

Rafał could draw before he could walk. Shaped by his experience living out of a suitcase in early childhood, he eventually settled down in the capital of Poland to study architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology. Driven to push past limits and see what awaits beyond conventional boundaries, his projects are exploratory and precise – just like his character. He constantly searches for objective values in the world dominated by subjective opinions.

Outside of work, he’s a petrol-head, a proud father and a pug owner.

Rafał Otłog

Founding Partner

An architect with over 8 years’ experience, primarily in commercial design. If you were to sum up Marzena’s work over the past 6 years in terms of volume, you could say she’s left her mark on over 85,000 square meters of office space. Broad knowledge lets her lead projects efficiently and effectively – from the initial concept phase to supervision over site construction. Marzena’s designs merge old and new influences, which make her interiors distinctive and convey a unique ‘special’ feeling.

Outside of work, she loves to experience new things, and has a passion for travel. Each new excursion gives her a fresh perspective that she can integrate into her constantly evolving creative expression.

Marzena Bednarczyk



Łukasz Buczek


A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, Agata began her career primarily focused on architecture, but has since transitioned to the interior design – which she considers more difficult. She describes the greatest challenge as creating a space with which the user will identify, and also feel comfortable.
Agata loves thematically consistent environments, but also spaces that are distinctive and unusual. She is fascinated by both kitsch, post-modern solutions, as well as artful and canonic historical architecture. The ongoing shift in the interpretation of “beauty” constantly amazes and energizes her.
In her spare time, Agata enjoys drawing. She creates cartoons that either document her trips or tell stories about the alleged life of her cat. She also sews on occasion.

She loves murals, collages, chocolate and the absurd sense of humor best captured by Monty Python and Terry Pratchett.

Agata Tofel



Przemysław Zalewski


Architectural design is a complex process but even the greatest project begins from a blank canvas. My role as an architect is to find the best way to interpret emotions, needs and historical context into unique space which people can identify with.

Mariia Shapoval


Got fascinated with architecture and design at the age of six while going through old interior design and architecture magazines found at her grandparents' home. At work she tries to combine classic and timeless solutions with the individual and unique details.

In the free time Iza enjoys the company of her cat Frida and masters her drumming skills. She has a green thumb – one day she’d like to start designing gardens.

Izabela Bieniaszewska-Sajdak


An architect and graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology. Piotr began his professional journey shortly after receiving his diploma in 1995, by joining APA Markowski Wojciechowski and APA Markowski – both as an architect and Board member. Since 2003, Piotr has co-run the architectural studio, SMZ.Architekci. He met Boris and the team in 2016, while working on the revitalization of Hotel Raffles Europejski. That experience formed the basis for their successful collaboration that exists in force to this day.
Always interested in the technical aspects, Piotr’s curiosity, keen observation, inquisitiveness, imagination and quest for perfection, define his approach to a complex project.

Outside of work, he’s continuously improving his mastery of carpentry and ironwork skills. However Piotr’s greatest passion is, and always will be, the electric guitar.

Piotr Zonnenburg


An architect who believes that personal experience is the most important element to bring to design and architecture. Agata spent a number of years as an expat in Spain, which had a great influence on her aesthetic sensitivity. Professor Alberto Campo Baeza taught her ‘how to read architecture, as one reads poetry’. Agata also co-organizes the music and art micro festival, Sofa Underground. She is fascinated with the complexity of urban structure and the relationships that exist within it.

In her private life, Agata is on a constant journey to discover new cultures and cuisines.

Agata Motyka


Born and raised in Warsaw, Aleksandra spent most of her young adult life traveling and as an expat – with time spent living in Lisbon, Dubai and Milan. She holds a Masters in Architecture and Urban Design from the University of Milano. Aleksandra believes that designs should be influenced by the world that surrounds us. In support of this philosophy, she aims to integrate different cultures and perspectives into her work. She sees projects as a continuous journey in which numerous factors and influences can be incorporated to enrich the final outcome, while never compromising the guiding vision.

Aleksandra fills her spare time either through traveling, or reading about travelling – in order to plan her next adventure. She also loves sketching and watercolor painting.

Aleksandra Konstanciak-Prędota


The only non-architect in the studio, but also the busiest one among us – dealing with office administration, managing supply inventories, organizing team meetings and much, much more. Paweł is a great architecture enthusiast. Working in an architectural studio has provided him with the opportunity to experience the creative process first-hand, and appreciate the importance of efficient team work.
Favorite project? Definitely the most challenging one! Our collaboration with foreign clients – where intricate logistics and complicated procedures are involved.

Paweł also has been a passionate mountain runner.

Paweł Luliński

Board Assistant